Korean beef: it’s what’s for dinner. One of my favorite places to grocery shop and plain-ole’ explore is Uwajimaya. It’s like a stamp in your food-passport without ever having to leave your neighborhood. After our regular trip to Costco on Sunday, we swung by Uwajimaya in search of some delicious spices to accompany the 2-pound … Continue reading



It’s hard for me to imagine that I ever actually did the Atkins diet. It was my senior year in college and, after indulging in food and drink from a year abroad in London, I was desperate to shed some pounds. My desperation resulted in faithfully following Atkins for a good three months. It worked. … Continue reading



Where to start? Well, first, WELCOME!!  Welcome to my brand new blog! Be proud that you’ve discovered me in my early new-to-blogging-days and cherish the fact that there will be better, funnier and more interesting post to come. Can’t promise this of course, but will give it a whole-hearted college-try. So, why a blog now? … Continue reading