Where to start? Well, first, WELCOME!! 
Welcome to my brand new blog! Be proud that you’ve discovered me in my early new-to-blogging-days and cherish the fact that there will be better, funnier and more interesting post to come. Can’t promise this of course, but will give it a whole-hearted college-try.
So, why a blog now? Well, a few reasons:
  1. Yesterday it was my birthday. I’m now 31. It was a great day – a nice run, lunch at my favorite restaurant (Volunteer Park Cafe), outlet shopping and presents! A fabulous birthday all up to the very end of the day when I had an emotional breakdown. And, when I say emotional breakdown I mean streams of tears, out-of-breath crying. My lovely boyfriend, Michael, had no idea what happened… I retreated to the bedroom to read all happy and moments later emerged in hysteria.

    In reflection, I think it was a series of things: a) sometimes girls just need to cry, and I was long overdue for a good sob; 2) the book I was reading talked about the death of her father – that topic will always make me cry. I just love my parents and family too much to imagine having to deal with that; and 3) I turned a year older! I always love birthday’s but being 31 made me realize that time is going by so quickly. So… how am I going to remember it all? Blog blog blog!

  2. Inspiration. Everyday I am inspired by so many people and I’ve been trying to capture that inspiration through various medias and methods (resulting in my recent obsession with Pinterest). But I began to wonder if what inspires me could inspire others… and – tadaa – I could become an inspiration! Figured a blog might just help make that happen!
  3. My mother. My mother is an amazing creature. Of her many talents is making every person feel special and loved. I want to harness that ability and thought that perhaps, by sharing with the world my appreciations and joys, I might bring love and happiness to others.
  4. I love to “craft”. I put craft in quotations because I interpret the word much more broadly than I think others. When I say craft, I use it to define an outlet to my normal, working world – another realm in which my life revolves around sewing, quilting, knitting, cooking, running, reading and all-together pure loveliness. These activities bring me bliss and I have found bring others bliss too. Adding more bliss to the world is a good thing – hence the creation of my blog!
Again, welcome! I’ll be posting my first “real” blog later today. Stay tuned… 

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