It’s hard for me to imagine that I ever actually did the Atkins diet. It was my senior year in college and, after indulging in food and drink from a year abroad in London, I was desperate to shed some pounds. My desperation resulted in faithfully following Atkins for a good three months. It worked. I lost the weight. But, at the same time, missed out on the goodness of all things gluten.
Thankfully, no longer am I so silly as to deny myself carbohydrates. Wisdom comes with age, right? Well, if that’s the case, I can tell I’m becoming even smarter in my older years as today I indulged in an afternoon of bread-making!
Banana Bread
Costco is a wonderful place. But sometimes, when you’re the lone banana-eating individual in the house, things in surplus (like bananas), go bad. Well, in this case, bad is good and those brown bananas from last weeks Costco adventure were just calling my name to be used (bananas: “annn—nnn–ee…. i’m delicious when baked with sugar and vanilla….”).
So, remember how I mentioned that I had a cry-fest evening last night – all due to the book I started reading? Well, if so, the one serendipitous thing about the book was once I got through the tearful first chapter, the second chapter introduced me to a new recipe for banana bread!
The recipe is for a fancier chocolate and ginger banana bread – which, don’t get me wrong, sounds delicious – but, I was itching for the regular good ole’ stuff. The interesting part of this recipe was that it also called for yogurt rather than oil or a lot of butter. Given that I try to be healthy, I thought this was a nice substitute (until I realized it also calls for full-fat yogurt). Oh well, win some, lose some. And, while I may have lost my attempt to be healthy… I won a deliciously deductible loaf of banana bread to enjoy all week long! Screw the health all together, I think tonight I’ll eat my first slice ‘a la mode!
Whole Wheat Bread
This past Christmas Santa brought me a Kitchenaid Mixer. I thought I had been good all year long, but didn’t realize how good! Thank you Santa! My mixer, along with  the condo I moved into last fall that is ‘cush with things like dishwasher (ah!), has ramped-up my “craftiness”. I say “craftiness” again loosely. My sister-in-law has even noticed its impact when she exclaimed last week: “Anne, you’re so domestic! When did that happen?!?”.
Well my new mixer has brought me much joy. Some of this joy is found in the fact that I now am able to make my own bread. I found a great (again, easy) recipe off of Pinterest (told you it was my latest obsession) and made right after I got my mixer.
On Sunday, I finished the last of my bread and so today decided to whip up another batch. Can’t wait to toast it up tomorrow morning, spread some raspberry jam on it, and nom nom nom it for breakfast.
Ta-ta for now!

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