Zipper Pouches at Assemble Gallery & Studio

Spent the evening at Assemble Gallery & Studio, an adorable store in Greenwood that is a gallery space, a workshop studio, and a retail shop to host creativity of all kinds. I signed up awhile ago to take the Learning the Sewing Machine: Beyond Basic class and realized last night that the day of the class had arrived. And, having spent the day focused with work stuff, I was ready to expunge some creative energy. The class accomplished just that!
So, after a quick run that went just a little too long, I arrived a few minutes after 6pm to my class. I was overjoyed to see that the class included only five students and included all necessary equipment: sewing machine, fabric, thread, etc. – all I had to do was show up (and even showing up a little bit late was o.k.)!
The class focused on three main techniques: ruffles, button holes & buttons and zipper pouches. After a little bit of problems with mastering the ruffle making, I was able to figure it out and moved on to buttons.
I have been so curious about how to make button holes since I made my first pillow a few months ago and wanted to close the back of it with a button. Well, for those intimidated by the button feature on a sewing machine – fear not! I was shocked at how easy it was… even I could do it – and there is photographic proof!
And then, for the last half of the class we made the cutest zipper pouches. Another sewing fear of mine has been the zipper. While a bit harder than the buttons, it was super simple. I am already imagining all the cute zipper pouches, bags and pillows that await!
If you haven’t already thought about taking a class from Assemble (based upon my raving review above) do it – go take take a class! You won’t regret it! They’re very reasonably priced given the supplies are included ($30-$60 each) and bonus (!) you even get 10% off coupon just for showing up! I’m already eying the March calendar and thinking about signing up to finally learn to crochet! Will I see you there – March 10th from 1-3pm!?
P.S. After the shop I browsed the store so I could use my 10% discount. As usual, I was late to the scene in discovering Uppercase: a magazine for the creative and curious. A-maz-ing! If you haven’t discovered it yet, take a moment to do so. I’ve had it in my hands for a few hours and have hardly put it down.
P.P.S. I was talking with Emily from Assemble after class and found out that the beloved Dottie Angel is coming to Seattle! Assemble is helping organize and event with Girl Crush and Jealous Curator on May 19th. Tickets are still available. Again… will I see you there!?

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