Shoes Make a Women (and a Runner)

If you’re looking for me during the hours of 5:30pm-6:30pm, your best bet would be to check the far-most right treadmill on the second floor of ProSports Club and look for the runner watching a fabulously-terrible Food Network television program (i.e. Chopped, Diners Drive-in’s and Dives, or Cupcake Wars). Yesterday was one of those days.
Spoiler Alert: the guy on the far left wins.
Normally my runs are fairly routine. I get in my 60-minute run and don’t think twice about it. But today was different.
My run started as expected. I trotted along watching “Chopped: British Invasion” but about 30-minutes into the show (right as round 2 was starting) my right knee began to ache. Now, my last injury was nearly four year ago and had me sidelined for almost a year — I wish not even my worst enemy both plantar fasciitis and sciatica at the same time — so, needless to say, when my knee started aching I had a minor freak-out.
My first thought is that in my attempt to see who would make it two round 3 of Chopped I tweaked my body/knee as I turned towards the television (how embarrassing if that’s really what caused the injury)! But then I looked down… my shoes. Could it be my shoes?
Why you gotta do me wrong Glycerine’s?
I’m a Brooks shoe lover through and through. Normally I’m a narrow 10.5 Adrenaline runner. This last Christmas though I decided to mix it up and ask Santa for the Glycerine’s for two selfish reasons: 1) the running store didn’t have my Adrenaline’s and I (whoops, I mean Santa) didn’t want to drive across town to check another store; and 2) the Glycerine’s come in much cuter colors and I always envy those people at the gym who have the cute running shoes.
All of this is to say that the wrong shoes can really mess with a runner. As such, I think I’m going to have to hit up Super Jock n Jill this weekend to see if I can swap them out or, if that’s not possible, buy another pair. (Side Note: This makes me such my Grandma’s granddaughter. While not a runner, my Grandma was notorious for buying shoes, wearing them for a bit around the house, then returning them because they “pinched my big toe” or because the “heal was too high”. Oh Grandma, I miss you!). 
In summary… stick with the shoe that works for you as a runner.  And, always remember that:
a great shoe makes a women fabulous
a great running shoe makes a women a fabulous, happy, pain-free, kick-ass runner
Time to get back to pain-free, kick-ass running.

2 thoughts on “Shoes Make a Women (and a Runner)

  1. Hey, Anne – Hope all well with your knee. At least you got to a machine. I joined WOW (should be OW) on 1-30-12 and tripped on narrow threshold step up and sprawled forward – hard on both knees, particularly the right knee. I have had it drained 3 times and am seeing ortho doctor again of Tues. morning. Getting sick of this! Enjoying your blog. High winds due in Connecticut tomorrow – hope we don't lose power.

  2. Hi, Anne – I'm a life-long runner and a shoe nut who's constantly on a quest for the next best-ever running shoe. I run both roads and mountain trails (need super traction there) so the search for shoes never ends. If shoes don't work out of the box they get returned. When I find ones the work I stock up because manufacturers are forever making "improvements" that screw up a good thing. Sadly my kick-ass running days are over (your Dad & I are lifelong buddies so you have some idea of how worn out my body is :=) but I still pound along loving the rush. Bill Ward

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