Re:Cap – Flying, Sewing and Luce Fam’ Oscar Controversy

Whew! What a weekend!
Do you ever – like me – wish for another Sunday? Not necessarily to do more activities but to do all those remaining nagging “to-do’s”? My list includes such thrilling things as laundry, cleaning, a quick run into Michael’s (kinda an oxymoron there… is a trip to Michael’s ever quick? also, it’s not really a nag either), and then – of course- more sleep!
However, this last weekend was so jammed-pack of friends, family and traditions that I shouldn’t really complain about having a full weekend of fun stuff!
Warning: long post, highlighted purple text for those of us who are scanner-readers
Happy Birthday Jon!
Friday: Birthday party! It was Michael’s childhood friend, Jon Fredlund’s, birthday Friday night so I packed up some delicious peanut-butter cup cheesecakes and headed out to Zoo bar. The best part of the night was seeing old friends – all while enjoying a cold PBR – ah… Friday nights.
I learned of two new great places that night – both which I’m itching to visit: Second Used and The RE Store. As their name implies, they’re both home salvage stores – per my boyfriend’s mother “Oh, it’s like Rejuvenation but with one less $0″!”
Well, as mentioned earlier, I moved into a condo in October and I am now slowly working on making it my “own”. It’s a step-by-step process. Can’t wait to see what I find at these stores later this week!
Saturday: For Christmas Michael got me the best gift – pseudo skydiving! I wanted to go last Sunday for my 31st birthday but we were late in making a reservation, so we went Saturday instead. What a rush!
The place we went is called iFly and is located right by SouthCenter Mall in Tukwilia. After watching a short training video and being taught proper flying position by an overzealous, very excited flight instructor, you enter into a wind tunnel and let the 100mph wind take you airborne. I was a jumble of emotions before flying – excited, nervous, scared and overwhelmed – but had the best time! I swear I’ve never felt my heart beat so fast before – thump, thump, thump right through my chest.
Michael took video of me defying gravity. Check it out and then go stat to do it yourself!
After my airborne activity, we rushed home as friends were coming over — the boys to watch the Huskies crush the Cougars and the girls for some DIY craftiness. Over the shouts and cheers by the boys in the other room, I “taught” my dear friend Barbie how to make the zipper pouch I learned to make at Assemble earlier in the week. But, because we didn’t have zippers, we made button pouches. It took some trial and error – but we were pretty dang pleased with our craftiness!
Button pouch!
Barbie and I looking very pleased with our pouches!
Baby quilt in a mid-process state-of-mind
Not yet crafted-out, I started working on a quilt for my friend who’s having a baby this April. It took a good few hours and a glass of white wine, but I got all the squares cut, pieced and sewn together. Next steps: quilting the front to the back and binding. Another thing for my “to-do” list and another entry for my blog.
Sunday: In the Luce family there is a long tradition that revolves around the Academy Awards:
  • My mom used to watch the Award Awards ceremony with my grandma. Together they would judge all the dresses and ooh-and-aah over the jewels. 
  • Then, as a child, my mom would host our own red carpet featuring myself dressed in my mom’s old prom dresses. Priceless.
  • And then, beginning in high school, we began awarding the “Best Predictor” for the Luce family member who selected the most winners from the awards. This is a very coveted award in our family and comes with a years worth of pride and bragging that comes in handy throughout the next twelve months. Case in point: 
My Brother: “Ha, I beat you at XXX or YYY.”
Me: “Um, yeah, but remember that little acceptance speech I gave back in February? What was that for…? Oh, right, it was because I won the Best Predictor this year.”
My Brother: [silence]
Me: [smiles and nods]
Did I mention that we even have a Best Predictor statue? Kid you not.
The winner??
Well this year, the winner was Michael! My dad and I tied for second, my mom got last (such a shocker as she took the trophy many a year) and due to sick kids my brother and Megan took this year off.
BUT… because Michael is not technically a Luce family member should he win? The judges are looking into it and reviewing the situation and can be swayed by your comments. Formal announcement will be made later this week – let’s hear your opinion – let the comments begin!
So, now do you understand why I need another Sunday? But the end of the week means a new one starts with lots of possibilities to be had! Here’s what I’m looking forward to:
  • Experimenting with the bread machine that Michael’s mom is letting me borrow! Endless possibilities of bread await!
  • Movie date-night in Ballard to see Safe House. Love me some Denzel and Ryan Gosling (take a moment to discover Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” if you haven’t yet… you can thank me later.)
  • Finish my quilt making. 
  • Quick (ha!) trip to Michael’s Craft Store. I have an idea for a spring wreath for our door and need supplies. 
  • ???
Have a great week! XoXXO!

2 thoughts on “Re:Cap – Flying, Sewing and Luce Fam’ Oscar Controversy

  1. I think you have to let Michael have the win, or you will have to buy another "statuette" to share, or figure out a complicated shared custody / visitation schedule. Consider it rooky luck, or the fact that two key players were missing. And I am not just saying that because I am his Mom. Oh, and don't even try to return that bread machine, its all yours now.!!!! ( Oscar runners-up prize?) Great seeing you Sunday, by the way.

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