Sewing Date Night!

Tonight I had a date that I was so excited for I could hardly focus… my very first sewing date with my adorable friend Barbara. Hooray!
My date was a hit. Starting first with gifts – an antique suitcase to hold all my fabrics and odds & ends for my birthday. Thank you Barby – I’m in love with it!!
We then ooh’d and ah’d over all our fabrics and where we had found them. Barby had such a great collection, many found at estate sales or goodwills – a note to me that I have to start rummaging for unique pieces!
And after our ooh’s were done, we got focused on our evening sewing projects.
  • Mine = lap duvet inspired by Purl Bee. 
  • Barby = seat cushions for her chairs. 
My project was so easy and so satisfying – I already know that more of these are in my future. Step by step, this is what you do: 

  1. Cut fabric to equal sizes.
  2. Lay one layer face up, the other face down, and batting on top. 
  3. Pin together.
  4. Sew, leaving 1/4 seam allowance and 8-inch gap in middle. 
  5. Turn inside out. 
  6. Sew gap using a hidden stitch
  7. Dart as desired (still working on this… will share final project soon!) 
Steps 1-3.
Step 4.
Step 5 (via Barby’s seat cushions).
For Barby’s seat cushions she followed the same steps. I’d say, we did pretty well for the night! Even Pablo, Barby’s parents-in-law’s dog, approves of the duvet – he was ready to make it his own! 
Lap duvet. Pablo tested, Pablo approved.

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