SCRAP: A Crafters Paradise

I visited a crafters paradise today. It’s called SCRAP and it’s located in the north-end of Portland. It’s really a small piece of heaven located in a old warehouse building.
SCRAP portland
25 cent thread anyone? 
I’m down visiting my parents for the weekend for some TLC and over-due “mother/daughter” time and on our outing today my mom shared with me this glorious place. Boxes and bins full of ribbons, knitting needles, stickers, pins, buttons; barrels of corks and plastics; trays filled to the brim of paper, stationary, cards; and baskets of fabrics and odds and ends. The best part… everything is (for the most part) 2 bucks or less.
As you can imagine, we browsed – and then browsed some more – and ended up with a pretty good stash. 
  • For me: embroidery needles and thread, fabric, sewing thread, zippers and some stamps. 
  • For my mom: book covers (for making envelopes – which are so adorable and clever and I really must start doing).
Not bad for only $38 I’d say. Beats Joann’s any day… even with a coupon! 
Why doesn’t Seattle have something this glorious? If they do – will someone please tell me about it? 
SCRAP portland
Me, very happy with my SCRAP finds!

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