An Afternoon on Mississippi in Portland

As mentioned, I came “home” this weekend to visit my folks (and my bff Elizabeth and her adorable family). It’s been a great weekend – topped with a Sunday snoop-walk through the historic Mississippi District of Portland.
A few images from my outing. A very fun, hip and inspiring place to visit if you’re looking for a different/new area of Portland to explore. Bonus: on nearly every corner there is a restaurant (with outdoor seating)  or a food truck with amazingly delicious smells filling the air. I made the mistake (or good fortune) of coming with a full stomach so didn’t indulge. I definitely won’t make that mistake next time!
Historic Mississippi – with some street sign modernization.
Junk drawers – my favorite!
Coveting the blue wall color.
Just lovely.
Let there be light! Mason jar light.
Must do: old key + chain = trendy new necklace
Flower, champagne and chocolate? Oh, twist my arm.
Rooster! I’d name her Georgina. If only I had a yard…
Homemade brewed beer, picnic benches and friends?
Yes please.
Cheat sheet for the Mississippi District (highly recommend Flutter for shopping, Por Que No for yumminess).

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