Goodwill Finds and Free Card Templates

My last day “home” has gone by too quickly. While I’m sad to head back to Seattle and to the “real world”, I’m looking forward to having the chance to play with all my new finds, the busy fun-filled week ahead and to give my boyfriend, Michael, a big smooch 🙂
Thank you Goodwill!
After getting in some work this morning, we head to the Goodwill “Superstore” for some rummaging. And, superstore it was – wozwa! Not only was it super clean and very well organized but they’ve got everything… linens, housewares, clothes and a library-to-boot. A big recommendation for a lazy, rainy afternoon (which it just happened to be).
We left with lots of good finds… and also left behind a lot of good finds – oh, such is life. But, what did make it home with us was a new Sandra Lee cookbook, never-been-used cake pan, Disney movies galore for my nieces, and an fabulously old silver-plated pitcher for eight bucks. It needs some polishing but will look stunning holding a bouquet of tulips (or roses). Oh Spring, you’re just around the corner!
I made sure to do one last thing before leaving to catch my train… utilize the scanner and all my mom’s crafting books and supplies! I was a scanning machine in my last few minutes. Such a good way to store great images/finds and be able to reuse them over and over again. I figured it’d be quite mean of me if I didn’t share something… so below is a great, easy template for a very cute pop-up birdie Easter card.
Happy crafting everyone! And, so long PDX, I’ll be back soon!
Easter birdie pop-up card in 5 steps.

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