Sew-a-Long with West Seattle Fabrics

The solution to your mid-week blahs.
I often struggle on Wednesday’s. It’s mid-week, I’m tired and still the weekend seems so far away. Instead of a “case of the Monday’s”, for me it’s a “case of the Wednesday’s”. So, how better to rid myself of the Wednesday-blues than to join West Seattle Fabrics in an evening sew-a-long?!
West Seattle Fabric is one of the most adorable shops in Seattle – in my humble opinion. In addition to the many classes they offer, twice a month they open their doors from 6-8pm and invite patrons in to tackle projects from the book “One-Yard Wonders“. It’s two hours with a sewing expert to answer all your pattern-following questions and sewing machine mysteries. All they ask is that you purchase the book, which is well worth the $$ for all the patterns and ideas you get, at their store as well as necessary materials (i.e. fabric). Well worth for novice sewers like myself!
I decided to ease myself into One-Yard Wonders and start with the pattern for a grocery tote. Seemed pretty straight forward… seemed being the key word. I chose an oil cloth fabric for my tote as I figured it’d be easy to clean if there were ever any grocery spills. 
Now, I don’t think many of the patterns have this problem but this tote was so confusing. For a basic item the instructions seemed like they were in a different language – even my sewing expert was confused. But, we battled through it together and wa-lala… grocery tote!
Enjoy the photos – see you at the next sew-a-long March 20th? Hope so! 
Ready, set, sew!
Work-ie work-ie. 
Struggling through the grocery tote pattern…
thank you WSF for your help in figuring it out!
Ribbons and rick-rack galore!
Flowed fabrics anyone?
Tote! The finished project.

3 thoughts on “Sew-a-Long with West Seattle Fabrics

  1. Nishushan – Isn't that fabric great? I love the simplicity of the pattern and the bright, happy colors too!You'll be in great hands for your beginning sewing class – enjoy!

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