An Embroidered Card for My Favorite Little Lady

Easily one of my favorite people is my niece, Emma. She’s just so fun – and way too hilariously cute at the same time.
So, you can imagine my excitement when the postman delivered a special package from her to me! And, inside were the best drawings I’ve seen a three-year-old do. Wow-wee! So many colors and swiggly lines – they proudly made the front of the fridge.
I decided that I needed to do something equally special for Emma. I pulled out my card collection and found them all to be a little… adult and general. Then I saw my sewing machine – ah! I decided to embroider her name on the front of the card as I had seen done on Pinterest and at fancy card stores.
Those swirly lines read “Emma” (next time, I won’t be using a patterned card).
For my first time, not too bad…  A few tips:
  • Go slow. Every time I messed up it was because I got too confident and increased the speed of my needle – doh. 
  • Draw out what you want to stitch with a pencil. I could only find a pen so you can see where my thread didn’t quite line up with my “pattern”… but if I had a pencil I could erase those lines and the recipient would never know I made some mistakes.
  • Use fun stitches! I added the leaves to the beginning of the “E” and end of the “A” for a bit of “taa-da” – I think it works well. 
  • Plain jane cards are probably best. My patterned one, while cute, makes it hard to see the embroidery. 
  • Also, use fun colored thread. I was too lazy to wind a new bobbing so used the white thread I was using for another project. But, this would look really cute with hot pink, bright blue or even orange threads.
Recognizing that Emma might not appreciate the embroidery, I made sure to include lots of photos of Mike and I inside, used my markers to add some punch, and covered the envelope with stickers. I hope she likes it!
And, watch the mail friends… I will definitely be trying this again and you may soon be the recipient of a personalized embroidered card from DoaAC!

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