YouTube Quilting

My status as an “amateur crafter” will continue to be confirmed to you when I share my thrilling Saturday night activity: my sewing machine, my laptop, and the replaying of “how to bind a quilt using a sewing machine” as found on YouTube.
If you remember, a few weeks back I was able to cut, piece and square out the blocks for a baby quilt I’m making for a friend who will be a new mom. Well, Saturday night I decided to finish it but I couldn’t remember quite how to do the binding. So… I turned to YouTube.
Me, Saturday night.
For the novice quilter – and crafter – YouTube is a dream come true. Case in point: my search for quilt binding yielded 812 results.That’s 812 examples I can watch over and over to make sure that I don’t mess up when I have to do it myself! And, as a visual learner YouTube has been especially handy when trying to read confusing pattern instructions.
So, if you’re an amateur crafter ready to embark on your first quilting experience, below is a step-by-step YouTube quilting tutorial for each different phase of the quilt-making process (bonus: I’ve also included a link to a great website, Diary of a Quilter, that has lots of videos and pictures).
Proof that YouTube quilting works!

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