Second Use Find: Burlap!

I finally made it to Second Use Building Materials on Sunday. What a great store! It makes me wish that I was fluent in all things home-repair because there are so many amazing salvaged items that just beg to be used… claw-foot tubs, pedestal sinks, glass doorknobs and recycled wood. I need to find a good tutor to show me how to go about installing all of these amazing homegoods.
One thing Second Used had that does not require a installation were burlap bags! Burlap is a great eco-friendly material that give everything a shabby-chic appeal. And, at only $1.50 a bag, I couldn’t resist.
My burlap bags have been sitting on my dining room table since Sunday and are begging to be used. For inspiration I turned to various blogs and – of course – Pinterest to get some ideas. The best of what I found are below (bonus: click on the captions to be sent to the how-to website). 
This weekend will be full of crafting… tune in to see what I turns from my burlap!
Second Use and burlap
Burlap Pillow with Stenciling 
Burlap Wreath
Burlap Table Runner 
Burlap Treat Bags
Burlap Necklace

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