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DIY: Running Plaque

As a runner, one of my proudest belongings are my bib numbers. Each bib is a small trophy and a reminder of many miles logged in my running “career”. 
At my old place, I used my refrigerator as my trophy case – displaying each bib proudly. But, when I moved my bib’s were packed away with my other running memorabilia and it wasn’t until Michael’s sister, Becca, emailed me with a DoaAC crafty project question: “how do I best display my running bibs?” 
This question made me I realize I failed to unpack them and provided me with a new crafty challenge – to make a bib number display plaque!
Now, these plaques aren’t an original DoaAC idea. I’ve seen them before on Esty where they run for $50.They’re nice, but I knew I could make my own – and I did for way less than $50! 
Here’s how I did it: 
1. Go to your local art store (i.e. Blick, JoAnn’s, Utretch, etc.) and get the following supplies: “U” hooks, a 10×10 art wood panel (but, if you plan to stencil a phrase get the 10×12), spray paint and a paint marker (for stenciling).
2. Using a bib as a template, mark the board with a felt pen where the top two holes are. (Note: I had two different size bibs so I ended up putting in four holes to accommodate for the various sizes).  
3. Using a hammer and nail, make a small hole. The small hole helps when screwing in “U” shape hooks into place. 
Putting the “u” hooks into the art wood panel.
4. Spray paint. (I chose gold mainly because I had the spray paint left over from another project) but figure it worked well for this project too.
running plaque
Spray painting pro. 
5. Stencil your favorite phrase using a paint marker. Since this was for Becca, I wrote “RUN BECCA RUN”. Make sure you let the paint dry each time after you stencil a letter or the wet paint will smudge.
Becca’s Plaque w/ stenciling
(including the smudged “U” in the first “RUN” – sorry Becca!)
6. Hang and admire with pride!
Made a plaque for myself too!

One thought on “DIY: Running Plaque

  1. This is a great idea, making a quilt out of them would be scratchy and not very warm! And it's only two holes in the wall instead of lots and lots of them, and more room for medals and trophies! And I like how you can use an ottoman as a workbench….very multitasking of you! Are you putting the bibs in chrnological order, or your favorites/best times on the top?

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