Conquering Spanish Chicken

One of my cooking secrets and strategies for adding variety to the menu is to turn to magazines for new recipes for two reasons: 1) It’s gotta be easy: I figure the recipe has to be fairly simple since the average reader is not a five-star chef; and 2): It’s gotta be tasty: if the magazine is recommending the recipe to all of its readers, I imagine it better taste good.

Well, last night I put my chef capabilities to the test and decided to try the recipe that I ripped out of the Food Network magazine while at the gym over the weekend. The recipe was for Spanish Chicken with Roasted Potatoes and it was dee-lish-ious!

Better yet, not only did it taste great but my dish actually came out looking very similar to the picture from the magazine! (I even think it looked better than the magazines picture – but I’m biased). But really, when does that ever happen!? 

So, add this to your recipe files – you can thank me later! 
Is it just me, or does my dish (top right) look even better than the magazines picture!?


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