S’More? Yes, Please!

So perhaps this isn’t the exact right topic for the blog as there is no crafting, sewing, knitting or DIY’ness involved. But, I just discovered this very tasty treat and really just had to share! 

Personally, s’mores are perhaps the most delicious treat. Graham cracker and marshmallow stuck together by melted chocolate… yum! And, the season is so right for these yummy sammies. Summer is right around the corner and what is more perfect than s’mores? They’re the quintessential summer dessert – just screaming camping, bonfires and warm summer nights. 

So when I stumbled upon ice-cream sandwich s’more treats in the freezer section at Trader Joe’s and immediately decided: “Yep, this is absolutely going in the cart!” 

And, like most TJ items, they’re delicious! Bonus: they also help meet my “summer-must-come-now” nitch. 

A great treat. I definitely recommend them.

nom nom nom!


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