One thing my mother taught me is that when wrapping a gift, going the extra mile is really worth it. Cut the wrapping paper on a straight line, use real ribbon, and embellish your gifts with fun trinkets when you can. This is because even if the gift isn’t much, the time you took wrapping it will let the recipient know how much you care. 

Now I’m no gift wrapping extraordinaire, but I try. And I try to do so within a budget as the cost of fine wrapping paper, ribbons and bows really does add up. With all the gift wrapping this summer for weddings and birthday’s, I’m all about fun, cute, and unique ways to wrap gifts – all while keeping costs low. 

One easy way to do this is by making your own wrapping paper. Not only is it inexpensive, but it has the added bonus of adding a personal touch. Decorate the paper with photos, quotes or stamps and then wrap – so simple and easy! Below is the step-by-step process I took to make my own wrapping paper.

1. Gather your supplies: butcher paper (I had a roll but you can also use paper grocery bags), tape, scissors, stamps/ink (the decoration I chose to use). 

2. Cut out amount of paper needed to wrap the gift and stamp all over the paper. 
If you’re using photos or quotes, do the same. You want to cover the paper and be sure that your images are at varying angles and positions. 

3. Wrap the gift. 

4. Add ribbons, string, a bow or trinkets. (Tip: An inexpensive place to buy ribbons is Costco – check it out next time you’re there! And a great place to find trinkets is your local junk store.)

5. Give the gift and watch your friend smile!


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