SCRAP Challenge = TLC’s Craft Wars

Have you heard of the new show on TLC called Craft Wars? I hadn’t until Michael’s mom, Madeline, told me that I should apply for the show… even then, I wasn’t sure what it was. But, when I tuned into it tonight I realized it’s exactly like the SCRAP Challenge that I am put to every other month. Maybe I should apply after all…

In Craft Wars, crafters have their skills put to the test when they are tasked with transforming random supplies into a new item. Yep, just like how SCRAP Challenge puts me to the test to turn everyday household items to into something different! Tune in to the show, get inspired, and then join me in the SCRAP Challenge! 

This month’s challenge is to make something for the backyard or BBQ area out of tiles, mylar balloons and bottle caps. I’m almost done with my item and have already received one submission from a reader/follower. Join me today – you’ve got until June 30th to join the July SCRAP Challenge!


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