DIY Drawer Sachets

My mother shared with me at a young age the value of drawer sachets. Not only are they a beautiful thing to look at, so delicately put together and often adorned with sweet trinkets, but they smell amazing and make all your clothes smell amazing too. I usually keep them in my sock drawer but … Continue reading


USA Shortcake

It’s the opening day of the 2012 Summer Olympics – time to celebrate USA in full force! And I decided the best way to do this was to whip up some USA Strawberry, Blueberry, White Nectarine (S/B/WN) shortcake. Get it? USA colors?I grabbed a big case of strawberries and blueberries at Costco and used the … Continue reading


Fennel Me Do

There really is nothing more Pacific Northwest then having salmon for dinner in the summer. Tonight I embraced my PNW roots and cooked a salmon dinner for Michael and I. It all stemmed after hearing from my brother last night about his new salmon cooking method (yep, in Seattle we have methods of cooking salmon) … Continue reading


Tavosa Wine Tasting

Another mini-break this weekend – this time to Oakland and Sonoma for a friends wedding and a wine tasting/dinner! I’m getting so spoiled with all these mini-vacations! Last fall Michael and I bought at an auction supporting my alum, Gonzaga University, a dinner and wine pairing in Sonoma at a friends winery called Tavosa. I’ve never … Continue reading