While out running this weekend I noticed something very special that just made me smile ear to ear, and become very hungry at the same time – blackberries are in season

I have a special love for blackberries. It started when I was a child and every August my family would spend a week a our families beach cabin on the Tulalip reservation where we’d join my grandparents and my aunt, uncle and cousins. We’d be kids – run, swim, play – which was so much fun!

But, what I really remember is when I’d get to join my grandma, mom and aunt in donning an old sweatshirt and carrying a giant bowl down the block to the fields of blackberry bushes and pick away. Then I’d join them in the kitchen to help make two huge blackberry pies which would serve as the birthday “cake” for my grandma and aunt who both have August birthdays. It was, and still is, one of my most favorite memories about our beach cabin. 

So, as I write, I’m about to head out the door in my old sweatshirt and giant tupperware bowl to gather some blackberries. I’m planning to make a pie (recipe below), but other blackberry inspiring drinks and dishes are also on my mind. 

Now, off to get picking!

Blackberry Pie Recipe
Blackberry Filling
1. Cup of Sugar
1/3 c. flour
1/2 tsp. of cinnamon
4 Cups of Blackberries
1 TBL. butter
Mix all ingredients together and add to an unbaked pastry shell.

Pie Crust
6 Cups of Flour
3 Cups of Butter
4 tsp. of salt
1 1/2 cups of water

Mix Flour and salt together. Cut butter into the flour (until the mixture resembles corn meal). Add water and
gently combine your flour and water together (just until dry ingredients are moistened). Divide into six sections, and refrigerate for at least two hours.

Add your berry mixture to your unbaked pastry shell. Roll out another layer of dough and place over the top of the berries, pinch the two layers of dough together. Be sure and cut in air pockets, and I also like to sprinkle a little sugar on the top of my crusts before putting them into the oven.

Bake for 35 to 45 minutes on 425 degrees. 

Other blackberry eats and drinks…

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