Stewing over Beef Stew

With the start of Fall this last Saturday, it means that soup, stew and hearty meals are in “season” – and I’m so excited! I love Fall – the fashion, the crisp in the air, the food, and the beginning of the holiday seasons.

So to welcome in the Fall season I decided to pull out my crock pot and make beef stew! 

I love my crock pot. It’s one of those great inventions that makes a working woman’s life that-much-easier. And, the flavors after simmering for several hours are hard to beat. So far every meal I’ve made in my crock pot has been a success – and that’s saying something!  Really, if you don’t have one – or don’t use it much – it’s time to change that … it’s a great investment that you won’t regret!

The beef stew recipe I’m using I found it off one of my favorite sites: Pinterest. The picture drew me in so I’m hoping it’ll be as delicious as it looks!


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