My Nightstand Library

I realized last night that the collection of books on my nightstand is a bit out of control. Books that I need to read for work and professional development, books that I want to read for fun, and quickly a growing number of bridal and wedding books. 

I know that slowly but surely – especially with the Fall/Winter weather arriving – I’ll plow my way through my nightstand library. But right now it seems a bit daunting. 

So, what am I reading – or supposed to be reading? Here’s a little insight into my collection. Any suggestions that I must add to my stack of books? 

1. The Happiness Project; Gretchen Rubin
I’ve technically finished this book but it’s living on my nightstand because it’s filled with good nuggets of advice. I guess you could call it a “self-help” book, but it doesn’t read that way. Instead it’s a kind and gentle reminder to be thankful for what you have and how to be happier with what you have.

2. The Great Gatsby; F. Scott Fitzgerald
After I heard that there is a movie coming out this winter of the Great Gatsby – Leonardo DiCaprio plays Gatsby! With that news I decided I needed to give this classic another read in preparation for the movie. 

3. Leadership Challenge; Kouzes and Posner
This is a “homework” book for a leadership program I’m doing this year called Leadership Tomorrow. It’s a great resource that I hope will help me be a stronger leader in my professional career. It’s a bit dry at places… but aren’t all “homework” books?

4. Lunch in Paris; Elizabeth Bard
Who doesn’t want to escape to Paris for lunch? Um, if you don’t you’re crazy. I bought this book on a whim when I was daydreaming about being anywhere other than Seattle. It’s a fun, true story and at the end of each chapter is a recipe that relates to the story. Think of it as a combo non-fiction love story/cookbook all in one.

5. The Conscience Bride; Sheryl Nissinen
This isn’t on my nightstand… yet. Lots of friends have recommended it and I figure – why not? So, it’s figuratively and mentally part of my book stack. 

6. Grassroots; Phil Campbell
Michael and I went to see this movie about the 2001 Seattle City Council race during the Seattle International Film Festival. The movie was great fun – especially for someone who lives in Seattle and enjoys politics (moi!). We picked up the book (which the movie was based on) and even got it signed by the author. Now it sits on the nightstand waiting to be read.


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