Accessorize with a Smile

I am a wholehearted believer in the theory that weather affects mood. Case in point, the amazing amounts of sunshine that Seattle has been having lately has me bursting at the seams with energy, happiness and all-over-love for everything. 

I mean, I just found myself singing in my head a tune from one of my favorite movies, Annie. You know the one…  “you’re never fully dressed without a smile!” 

Whoa – that just came out of nowhere and I love it! Thank you sunshine for the mood boosters. I hope you stick around – Seattle likes it when you’re here!

Hope you’re enjoying sunshiny weather wherever you might be. And, remember: “it’s what you wear from ear to ear, and not from head to toe… that matttteeerrrrsss!”


One thought on “Accessorize with a Smile

  1. Do you watch Glee? I recently YouTubed that Annie song because they did a mash up of that with "The Way You Look Tonight" and I forgot how much I love it!

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