Quilting with West Seattle Stitch & Sew

Blog-nation, my apologies for the tardiness of my post! My delay is, however, not due to a lack of amateur craftiness on my part… rather the opposite! 

For the last two weeks I’ve been busy taking a quilting class (and completing the homework) with West Seattle Stitch & Sew Studio. The results – a quilt! And a quilt done the correct way! 

While I’ve made a quilt before, I was always guessing at what I was doing. This time I took the time to learn from an expert, Katie Pedersen, and did it properly. And, of course, you can really tell the difference (well, maybe not so much in the photos, but up close you sure can!)

The class was such a fun experience and I learned a ton – I totally recommend it! And, bonus: the Stitch & Sew Studio is the cutest crafting space I’ve seen – I’m full of envy for a space like it in my own home!

Maybe I’ll see you around at an upcoming class!

My fabric choice, from left: binding, top, back.

Working on quilts at Stitch & Sew Studio!

Quilt in the last stage: hand stitching the binding.

The finished project! (I took a picture of the back as it’s easier to see the quilting I did!)


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