No Sleep in Napa

That’s right, no sleep in Napa. Yep, loving the irony.

And “why?” you might ask… well, because I’m off to run my fourth Ragnar with my favorite group of runners, team PornStarbuxx!
And “what is a Ragnar” you might ask, and what’s with the mildly inappropriate team name?

  • Well… Ragnar is an over-night running relay that challenges you to covers about 200 miles in 24-hours with 11 other team members. It’s incredible :: never before have I gone from a high-high to a low-low in such a short period of time. Seriously, you start the race pumped, ready for the challenge. And then, around 5:00am the next morning you are seriously questioning your sanity for deciding to do this crazy race. It’s amazing.
  • And, for the team name, all I can say is that it was developed during a sleep-deprived Ragnar by my teammates. It represents all that Ragnar teams are :: fun, silly and slightly off. And, when we travel to do these races (last year to Vegas, this year to Napa), it proudly represents the PNW.

Think good thoughts for me this weekend. Below are the three legs of the course I’ll be running … all without a “napa”.

1378308721-leg6 (2)



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